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Boost Gym Revenue 150% In 90 Days? 4 Growth Strategies From MyEMS Studio

Sean Hughes

Sean Hughes

Oskars Zapackis owns MyEMS fitness studio in Finland and has a goal to increase revenue 150% in the next 90 days. What are his growth strategies to get there?

“I don’t want this to sound like I’m just promoting you guys.” Oskars tells his Loud Rumor Performance Consultant Corbyn May. “This is just me being super truthful…”

MyEMS was doing pretty well and about to open a second location when the pandemic hit.

“We weren’t sure if we should go through with it,” he says.

Oskars was talking to Loud Rumor CEO Mike Arce, looking for new growth strategies. But, he had no idea where that one conversation was about to take his business… 

Growth Strategy #1: “Join LRVT TEAM”

When the pandemic hit “we were on the fence about joining LRVT TEAM,” Oskars says. “But, I was on the phone with Mike and he said we’d have a one-on-one with Matt Kafora the next day to help us move forward with our business.”

Matt Kafora owns 7 Orangetheory Fitness locations each doing 7-figures. He’s also the LRVT TEAM Performance Director. He’s helped hundreds of studio owners implement proven growth strategies to become successful.

The next day, both Mike and Matt were on a call with Oskars and his business partner Antti. Mike and Matt helped them decide if they should open that 2nd location and, what their business can do to grow immediately.

loud rumor virtual training TEAM blog promo fitness business growth strategies

“That one call blew my mind,” Oskars says. “There was so much knowledge and information that we knew we needed to be part of LRVT TEAM.”

While Oskars’ growth is unique, he’s actually not alone.

In fact, fitness studios in LRVT TEAM signed 347% more new members over studios NOT in LRVT TEAM in 2020—during a global pandemic!

When you have access to some of the greatest fitness studio consultants on the planet (we’d argue the greatest), you’re setting your business up to implement incredible growth strategies no matter what the world’s doing.

Growth Strategy #2: “It’s Not Too Expensive If It Makes Your Gym More Money”

At the time, MyEMS fitness studio wasn’t in a good place financially. 

Oskars tells Corbyn, “and we were honest with you before all of this about where we were at and that we couldn’t afford LRVT TEAM. But…”

This is where it gets interesting. Business owners who believe 100% in what they’re doing and how much their business helps other people will understand this…

“After that call,” Oskars tells Corbyn, “Antti paid out of his own pocket, his private account, to get us on LRVT TEAM. We just knew we needed to have access to you, Mike, Matt, and Brittany (Welk) on a daily basis to grow.”

Brittany Welk co-owns LadyStrong Fitness and maintained a near 100% member retention rate during the pandemic. She’s also an LRVT TEAM Performance Consultant.

MyEMS signed up with LRVT TEAM on September 1st 2020 and in just two weeks… 

Oskars fitness growth strategies 2

Growth Strategy #3: “Apply And Execute The Knowledge You Get From LRVT TEAM”

In just two weeks, MyEMS “increased revenue by 25% and we have grown dramatically,” Oskars says. 

Oskars had access to daily coaching calls, one-on-one strategy calls, and worked hard to execute on all of it and grow his fitness business.

“The whole Loud Rumor team is pushing us to have a call every week. They make sure we’re on track with going past our goals. It’s just out of this world,” he says.

Oskars says everyone on his team is hyped after seeing such explosive growth strategies actually work. 

“No one on my team wants to go to sleep!” Oskars says. “The entire MyEMS team attended Loud Rumor’s Virtual Sales Bootcamp and we were up at 2:00 AM just absorbing all of this great information. Then, we put it into practice the next day, immediately.”

Everyone on his team wants to take this momentum and hit goals they never thought possible.

What’s really crazy?

They’re on pace to do just that… 

Growth Strategy #4: “10X Your Goals To Grow Even More”

Corbyn asked Oskars what their goal is right now, and Oskars’ answer is why they’re on pace to hit a massive goal to close out 2020.

MyEMS is participating in the #2590 Challenge (FREE for Loud Rumor Members) which is all about hitting a 25% increase in revenue in just 90 days.

#2590 Blog profitable in 90 days

The thing is, MyEMS hit that goal in just 2 weeks because of how Oskars sets goals… 

“I’m a big fan of Grant Cardone and 10X. I wanted to do 250% but my business partner Antti and I compromised at 150%. With LRVT TEAM, we’re definitely going to hit that goal.” Oskars tells Corbyn.

One Of The Biggest Things That Increase Their Gym’s Revenue By 25% In 2 Weeks

Most people wouldn’t be that confident after what Oskars has been through.

“It’s unbelievable…” he says. “It just feels like 2 years in the fitness game and we weren’t growing at the speed we wanted to grow.”

Oskars says the investment in LRVT TEAM was worth it. Antti has been able to pay himself back, and the support and growth in just 2 weeks showed them what’s really possible with their gym.

“One of the biggest changes for us and when we really started to grow is when we were sticking with the sales scripts LRVT provides,” Oskars says.

BONUS: When It Comes To Growth Strategies, “There’s Nothing Like This For Gyms And Fitness Studios In Europe”

Loud Rumor wasn’t Oskars’ first choice. But, “with us being in Finland, there are no companies like Loud Rumor in Europe. You guys are really one-of-a-kind,” he says. 

He’s speaking from personal experience. MyEMS worked with several other agencies and companies and as he says, “They give you just ads. That’s it. But with what we get from you and LRVT TEAM, we’re excited to actually hit our goals.”

Can you imagine setting a goal to hit 150% increase in revenue in 90 days? Oskars says, “with LRVT TEAM, you can hit goals you didn’t think were possible, as long as you do the work.”


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