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In this episode, I’m with Bob Algard, the owner/operator of Solid Rock Fitness and an expert at seeking out mentorships and coaching to level himself up as a business owner. 

Bob is humble enough to admit that he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know, but unlike most studio owners, he put himself out there, hunted down the best studio owners, and found ways to learn from them so he can triple his growth in less than one year!

That’s why I had to have Bob on the show.  He is an incredible example of what can happen when you surround yourself around the right people to guide you.

⭐️TOPIC:  How Mentors Exploded Bob’s Fitness Studio in One Year

What You’ll Learn

  • How Bob leveraged mentors to achieve massive growth in his business 
  • The most impactful lessons Bob has learned from his mentors
  • Bob’s proven strategy for reaching out to highly successful people
  • The strategy Bob learned that grew his average close rate to 72%
  • The top books, podcasts, and other resources that helped Bob level up
  • How to be more impactful in peoples lives and inspire change 
  • And tons more!

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