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In this episode, I’m with Amanda Goolsby, a former managing partner of 18 Orangetheory Fitness locations that have since sold for a ridiculous amount of money! 

Amanda was responsible for leading presale campaigns, developing processes that had her locations opening doors with 500+ members!

As a presale guru, Amanda now coaches fitness studio owners all over the country on how to open their studios with a profit through a proven presale playbook. 

⭐️TOPIC:  How to Profitably Open Your Studio During Presales

What You’ll Learn

  • The presale process Amanda uses to open with 500+ members
  • How to overcome the most common sales objections in presale
  • The #1 struggle studios have when running presale campaigns
  • Successful advertising strategies for presale campaigns
  • Why good employees are NOT hard to find
  • Where to recruit A-player employees & how to get them onboard 
  • And tons more!

What We Mention In This Episode

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