? WATCH The #GSDshow: BITE #13 — What Makes Your Prospects Buy ?

This is critical AND, it’s going to change how you increase memberships and grow your business. Ready? Keep this phrase handy…

? WANTS are accomplished by NEEDS ?

Ok, so what does this mean? ?

People don’t spend money on things they NEED — In fact, they cringe every time they do it. Think about it this way…

How often do you shout, “I can’t wait to pay this medical bill!”❓ Exactly. Which means…

You have to focus on the things people WANT in order to convince them to purchase something they NEED (a Membership) ?

They WANT to look better, so they NEED to exercise
They WANT to feel better, so they NEED to improve their nutrition
They WANT to go about their day pain-free, they NEED mobility training

Look at those NEEDS… those don’t sell prospects. Their WANTS do, right?

I break all of this down and give you some tactical role-playing to focus on a prospect’s WANTS. BUT… 

…this isn’t JUST for prospects… it applies to YOU and how you run your Fitness Studio.

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What You’ll Learn

  • Focusing on WHAT boosts memberships
  • No one purchases NEEDS
  • And how this applies to YOU as well

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