Ready for some loaded questions? (No, that wasn’t one of them) Here we go…

How does your sales team answer the phone?
How does your sales team handle objections?
How does your sales team upsell memberships, supplements, apparel, etc.?
How does your sales team call cold leads?
How does your sales team interact with current members for retention value?
How does your sales team meet with prospects?

By the way, your “sales team” is anyone who works at your fitness studio. They’re all there to promote the brand and by default, sell. These are just a few of the questions your fitness studio needs to have the answers to… otherwise, you’re in trouble.

The Best Fitness Studios Do This

A detailed sales process is what drives the most successful fitness studios and businesses. It’s the reason McDonald’s has all of their employees ask the exact same question, “Would you like fries with that?” They don’t ask, “Want some fries, too?” or “Wanna add fries for just $2?” or their own version of upselling fries to customers… no, it’s a very specific question that the company tested and every employee is tasked with executing. Why?

Because it works.

Knowing exactly what works best for selling new memberships and upselling current ones — and by “what works best” I mean what makes them happiest and spending more money at your studio over the long-term — is how you will succeed.

What phraseology delivers more supplement sales? Great. Document that and train every employee to use that language and to use that language at a specific point in the process.

In a previous GSD Show interview, I sat down with Frank Nash and he explained how his process is why his studio sells more products and retains members longer.

Star Fitness Studio Players Don’t Equal Star Results

If you have a rockstar salesperson crushing membership goals, you might be in trouble, unless…

You create plays that can be executed by role players.

Here’s what I mean…

NBA teams don’t succeed because they have the best players. They succeed because they have the best players executing the best plays. THEN, when the best players take a breather on the bench or worse, are injured, the team has role players who can execute those “best plays” to help the team continue to win.

You need to find out what makes your rockstar salesperson a rockstar, create a plan and process around it, and have every salesperson execute your game plan like that rockstar salesperson. In other words, you’re cloning them.

This is also a lesson in leadership… leadership created through systemic processes. And, it’s something Alloy Personal Training owner Rick Mayo talked about in a previous episode of The GSD Show.

2 Sales Things You Need To Know

There are two things you need to know in order to craft sales systems and processes:

  1. Your member’s journey from start to finish
  2. Your member’s touchpoints from start to finish

The journey is what converts members from prospect into paid memberships. From the time they’re referred or see a Facebook Ad, to the moment your salespeople make contact and how, to their first class, to their supplement/apparel purchases and beyond.

The touchpoints are where they interact with your team and current members. What you need them to experience for your fitness studio to maximize results and profits.

Watch this episode of The GSD Show to discover why having a detailed sales process is so powerful and why you need to create these systems now!

What You’ll Learn

  • How to create a detailed sales process
  • Why it’s critical to have a plug-and-play sales system
  • How sales can be authentic while sticking to a script
  • Why everyone on your team should follow the same sales process

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