There appears to be more panic around the current strain of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak than seemingly necessary… which is negatively impacting Fitness Studios as members are choosing to either pause or cancel their memberships until the virus subsides.

While we can’t tell people how to feel about Coronavirus, we can help mitigate their fears thanks to recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Here Are 5 Steps Fitness Studios Can Take To Stay Strong Through Coronavirus

#1 Stay Safe And Properly Informed About Coronavirus

There’s WAY too much misinformation and panic being generated by news media outlets and, in all fairness, human nature (please stop watching the movie “Contagion,” for example). This is why it’s important to keep up-to-date with verified, credible sources like the aforementioned CDC, WHO, and local government health departments. This will help your fitness studio to respond quickly to any changes that might affect you and/or your members.

#2 Be Transparent And Stay Connected With Your Members

While yes, the panic is being overblown by the media, it’s not helpful to downplay a member’s fears. Rather, you want to help inform them to put their mind at ease. Sharing information with them in person, at your studio, via email, website, Facebook and Instagram pages (be sure to pin this post to the top of your social pages), etc. One way to do that is by utilizing Loud Rumor’s FREE Coronavirus For Fitness Studios Information Sheet. Be sure to alleviate fears by letting your members know what steps you’re taking and what steps they can take to prevent Coronavirus and stay safe while working out in your studio.

#3 Host An Online Webinar Or Share This Episode Of The GSD Show

The unknown is what creates the most panic with things like Coronavirus. The more folks are informed, the less they fear. One thing you can do, since people are more likely to want to stay at home than go to your fitness studio, is to host an online event or webinar to explain what you’re doing, what they can do, and what information from the CDC and WHO can help ease their fears.

IDEA: If possible, create a few video workouts your members can do at home to keep them engaged with your fitness studio even if they’re deciding to not show up.

#4 Create a Coronavirus Member Service Plan

You can download this Cheat Sheet and share it with your fitness studio members to demonstrate that you’re on top of this outbreak, creating transparency and helping members feel safe, cared for, and connected to your fitness studio. You’re no longer just an expense in their budget at this point. You’re a helpful friend they can wait to see again when all of this panic subsides.

#5 Post Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Your Fitness Studio Website

Here’s an example you’ll get and might even be able to prevent with a great FAQ:

Question: With Coronovirus spreading, can I cancel my membership until further notice?

Answer: Of course! Have you seen the latest information about Coronavirus from the CDC? If you’d like, you can pause your membership until things settle down by calling <YOUR PHONE NUMBER HERE>.

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