What if you could get in front of more of your ideal target audience … all while donating to charity? In this episode, I’m with Matt Sharp of Causely. They help spread the word about your fitness studio through Facebook and Instagram checkins. Each time someone checks in at your location, Causely gives back to a charity that provides meals to those in need, gives education to those who don’t have access, and more. 

What You’ll Learn

  • How Facebook checkins work for fitness studios
  • Proven referral strategies to get more people through your door
  • The power of giving and why people are more likely to take action when it’s tied to a charity
  • How to identify your fitness studio’s “humble brag”
  • The top charities that Causely partners with
  • The % of consumers who prefer to work with companies that give back
  • How to improve your fitness studio’s processes to retain more members

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