Today I sit down with Matt Hale, CEO of ACU Development, the franchisor of Modern Acupuncture. In just 10 months of being founded, they sold 300+ regional developer and franchise licenses, setting them up to be one of the fastest growing franchises ever. Matt is a franchising expert, and we talk about what led him to turn his business concept into a successful reality.

What You’ll Learn

  • How Matt sold 300+ franchise licenses in less than 1 year
  • What he did to raise $500K at 23 years old
  • The #1 reason why franchises fail
  • The no-brainer skill you need to develop to be a great salesperson
  • Matt’s three M’s for upselling
  • How your business can implement healthy competition to drive higher performance
  • The “burger first, then fries” concept & why it matters
  • What the best business owners do differently
  • Metrics you need to measure for your business
  • And TONS more!
Matt Hale on Franchises
Matt Hale on Franchises
How to Know If Franchising Is Right for You

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