Emmett Williams is the president and co-founder in the wearable technology company MYZONE. This 8-figure company started in 2011 and has sold over 600,000 devices to people around the world who want to get better in fitness. We talk about the burning problem he noticed that got him into MYZONE and how businesses around the world can implement tracking, gamification, and technology into their own companies for instant success.

What You’ll Learn

  • How MYZONE sold 600,000 heart rate monitors to businesses around the world
  • The burning problem that Emmett noticed in the fitness industry & how that helped him get into wearable technology
  • Who he considers to be the “granddaddy of innovation” & what he learned from him
  • What Emmett spends tons of time doing to level up his skills and business
  • How McDonald’s quadrupled sales of shakes & why this matters for your business
  • What toothpaste and instant gratification have to do with supercharging people’s behavior at your business
  • And TONS more
Emmett Williams, President of MYZONE
Mike Arce and Emmett Williams of MYZONE

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