When it comes to fitness studio marketing, I’ve noticed that expectations are set really high in the short-term and essentially ignored in the long-term. Yet…

When we buy a house, we know it’ll take a long time to see a return
When we invest in stocks, we know it’ll take time to capitalize on a return
When we start a new diet and workout, we know it’ll take time to see results

Why don’t we have that same mindset with fitness studio marketing?

I covered all of this in a Loud Rumor Virtual Training TEAM course HERE: www.whatislrvt.com if you want to skip ahead. Otherwise, let’s get into it… 

Fitness Studio Marketing Is Not A Purchase

When you opened your fitness studio, you didn’t just make a one-time purchase on a plot of land and expect it to be open and thriving by the end of the month, right? You understood that it takes a long-term vision to build a successful fitness studio.

Marketing is the same way and having that mindset with marketing is what has helped fitness studios in the top 5% experience real, long-term success. They realize marketing isn’t like purchasing food or clothing, where there’s instant gratification.

This is crucial. Never forget that when you’re running marketing campaigns, that’s a long-term investment into the success of your fitness studio.

How The Top 5% Of Fitness Studios View Marketing

The best fitness studio owners, the ones running a 7-figure fitness studio or MULTIPLE 7-figure fitness studios like Matt Kafora and Frank Nash, have a long-term marketing mindset.

Instead of seeing it as “I put $X into marketing and expect to see $XX in return by the end of the month,” the top 5% of fitness studios see it like pushing a car towards the peak of a hill:

  • The car is in neutral and in the middle of the road with other cars whizzing by
  • They get behind the car and start pushing… it’s excruciatingly difficult, but it’s moving bit by bit
  • As the car builds momentum, it becomes lighter and they’re able to run with it
  • Suddenly, the car is at the peak of the hill and they’re able to hop inside and ride
  • Now that it’s rolling, they can add more weight to REALLY pick up speed!

Their marketing mindset is the same way:

  • It starts off slow as they work to get their studio’s name out to a cold audience
  • The more people become familiar with their studio, the more leads they get
  • The more leads they get the better their chances of signing new members
  • The more new members they sign, the more their fitness studio grows
  • The more their fitness studio grows, the more they’re able to put back into marketing (weight in the car to make it roll even faster down the hill) for greater ROI

Fitness studio marketing, all marketing for that matter, is an investment that builds momentum. But that initial point, that point of inertia where the car is really difficult to push, that’s where too many fitness studios either give up on marketing or put less money into it (stop putting as much effort into pushing the car) and it ends up hurting their long-term results.

Once you view marketing as a long-term strategy then, just like the top 5% of fitness studios, you’ll truly reap its rewards.

Podcast Timestamps


[0:22] This is a rare episode for The GSD Show
[1:02] How to get more training like this
[1:39] Our mindset with big purchases versus marketing
[2:17] What a fitness studio’s marketing mindset SHOULDN’T be
[2:43] Perfect example of Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) by the numbers
[3:20] How marketing is just like setting and achieving fitness goals
[4:03] What are the long-term and short-term gains of fitness marketing
[4:51] Why lead volume matters to overall sales and marketing
[5:09] The marketing mindset of the top 5% of fitness studios

What You’ll Learn

  • Why you should never have a short-term mindset with marketing
  • How the right marketing mindset has a ripple effect in your fitness studio
  • How marketing can generate tons of positive momentum
  • Why the top 5% of fitness studios end up putting more money into marketing

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