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In this episode, I’m with Mark Richardson, the former Global Performance Director of F45 Training HQ and current owner for multiple F45 studios in Australia. 

Mark has trained hundreds of F45 studios on their sales process and has established himself as a membership sales expert in the fitness industry.

Today Mark and I sit down to discuss how you can successfully transition your fitness studio from presale to an open location with hundreds of paying members! 

⭐️TOPIC: How to Successfully Transition from Presale to Launch

What You’ll Learn

  • The different buying personalities of leads and how to sell to them
  • Mark’s exact strategy for running a successful presale campaign
  • How to create passive urgency in the sales process
  • How to hire and train high performing membership sales employees
  • Why you’re 9x less likely to get a hold of a lead after 5 min
  • Why 20% of what you’ve learned in sales training is forgotten in 2 weeks 
  • How to increase your leads show-up rate by 80% 
  • Mark’s strategy for overcoming the price objection in presale
  • How to fill up classes outside of primetime hours
  • And tons more!

What We Mention In This Episode

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