Do you know how to get into incredible shape? Of course you do…
Do you know how to grow your fitness studio and hit membership capacity? Hmmm, that’s tricky…

Actually, it’s not. IN FACT, it’s no different from getting into incredible shape.

Successful Fitness Studio Math

When it comes to getting into incredible shape, you track everything. You know exactly how many calories in vs. calories out. You know your needed reps + weights + sets progression. You know, mathematically, mentally, and physically what it takes to craft the perfect, healthy physique. Your fitness studio business is no different. 

You have your WHY, you have the right mentality, and you’ll put in the physical labor to make your fitness business successful… so really, it all comes down to math.

  • How many members do I need for what number of months/years to hit capacity?
  • How many members is that per month/year?
  • How many leads do we close per month/year? > What’s that percentage? > Could that percentage increase with MORE leads per month?
  • How many leads per month will have us hitting our monthly/annual membership goals?
  • How much does it cost to obtain those leads?

So on and so on… when you break it down exactly the way you would when you’re setting fitness goals, and you take the necessary DAILY actions to get there, the possibilities are endless.

Like A Personal Trainer For Your Fitness Business

Sticking with the getting in great shape analogy, one thing you’ll need to ensure you’re lifting weights properly, to ensure you’re giving it your all, to ensure you’re sticking with your nutritional goals, and to ensure you know the best, most-effective techniques, warm-ups, routines, etc., you’ll need a personal trainer for your fitness studio. That said…

In this episode, Loud Rumor CEO Mike Arce acts like the personal trainer for the team at Opex Fitness. He teaches them the best sales and marketing techniques while role-playing each possible scenario with them. It’s powerful.

This Opex Fitness talk covers things like:

  • Squashing the fitness sales objection “What are your prices?”
  • The absolute best way for fitness studios to run digital advertising.
  • Making sure you’re hiring and leading the right team.
  • Role-playing what to say on sales calls.

This is one of those trainings where EVERYTHING you need to grow your fitness studio is covered and conquered. So, grab a note pad, a pen, and maybe some popcorn, and start watching!

What You’ll Learn

  • How to squash common fitness studio sales objections
  • The most effective way to run Facebook and Instagram ads
  • How to generate leads and close more memberships
  • The best people to hire and where to find them

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