Corbyn May has helped 20 Orangetheory Fitness studio locations grow from presale and beyond utilizing these 2 principles and he shares them in this episode of The GSD Show.

As a Performance Consultant for Loud Rumor Virtual Training TEAM, Corbyn helps fitness studio owners everywhere adopt these principles and work towards membership capacity. What are they?

Principle #1 | Make The Details Matter In Your Fitness Studio

Too many fitness studio owners, and business owners, lose sight of the details and it ends up hurting their business. Keeping everyone on your team focused on making the details matter produces massive results in the long run.

Imagine you have a new member at your fitness studio who admits to having horrible eating habits. Rather than put them on a strict diet, you have them add a new vegetable every day. Over time, that small change will have a huge impact, right?

Same with the details within your fitness studio. 77% of women say they cancel their gym membership because of cleanliness. Are you keeping your fitness studio as clean as possible? Is it a priority that the whole team is on board with and taking care of every single day? It should be!

"A simple, agreed-upon $12 no-show fee generated an average of $43,000 in bonus revenue per year." - Corbyn May

There are details that can have a revenue-building impact as well. As Corbyn explains, something simple like a $12 cancelation fee that new members are aware of before they sign up. So, if someone is scheduled for a class and they either don’t show or cancel last minute, they agree to pay a $12 fee. This has a couple of benefits… 

  1. It keeps them wanting to attend the classes they agree to so they don’t have to pay the fee… in other words, it’s more of an accountability fee.
  2. If they do have to cancel, they understand that the fee is owed because they agreed to it upfront… in fact, most members will have a, “yeah, that’s my bad” attitude.

For Corbyn’s studios, they average around $120 in late cancelation fees… PER DAY. That comes out to roughly $43,000 in bonus revenue all because they made the details matter.

Principle #2 | Build Fitness Studio Relationships, Not Memberships

As Corbyn says in this episode, people cancel memberships, they don’t cancel relationships. You want people to feel connected to your fitness studio, you, your front desk people, your trainers, and other members. It’s a community.

One of the keys to building a relationship-focused fitness studio community is to get to the heart of each and every member’s WHY. This takes time, and can be difficult for studios to commit to doing, but it has to be part of your process. Here’s how it typically goes:

You: Why do you want to workout with us?
Them: I want to lose 30-lbs.

You: Ok great, why?
Them: I want to feel better about the way I look.

You: I totally understand that, why is that important to you?
Them: I don’t feel like my husband looks at me the way he used to.


Now we have an emotional, motivating factor, right? Of course, this is just an example and one that Corbyn has actually heard before — maybe you have too — and it’s extremely emotional but powerful in building that relationship and connecting with fitness studio members on a deeper level.

These are the 2 principles your Fitness Studio needs in order to grow. You and your entire team should keep these top of mind and build processes around them. How? Listen to this episode with Corbyn May.

Podcast Timestamps


0:18 Corbyn’s fitness studio industry experience
1:40 Corbyn May was connected to Loud Rumor by Amanda Goolsby
2:12 Youngest regional director of Orangetheory Fitness and helped open 20 locations
3:02 Fitness studio guru Corbyn May’s experience working with Nike
4:11 What is the process for 20 successful fitness studio presales?
7:02 How fitness studios should hire for presale
12:41 Where do you find the right fitness studio team members to hire?
16:23 It’s all in the details for fitness studios and why 77% of women cancel their memberships
17:40 The power of a $12 cancellation fee and how it translated into $43,000 in revenue per year
22:01 Role-playing how to get credit card infomration for your fitness studio’s appointments
28:05 The truth about fitness studios hitting membership capacity
31:28 People cancel memberships, they don’t cancel relationships
33:02 The one thing that makes fitness studio sales 10X easier
36:11 Phone number to actually talk directly with Corbyn May
40:01 How to be a great leader and fitness studio coach to encourage others to grow
42:18 A simple LRVT tip helped SPENGA earn additional presale members
45:25 How to jump on a monthly call with Corbyn May and your fitness studio

What You’ll Learn

  • How to utilize an accountability fee to benefit members and revenue
  • Why 77% of women cancel their fitness memberships
  • The power of paying attention to the details of your fitness studio
  • How Corbyn’s studios generate hundreds of presale members with just two employees

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