We all want that never-be-denied, no-excuses mindset when it comes to growing our fitness businesses. SPENGA Sugarland Owner Sonal Kulkarni has it in spades… 

Sonal closed 100 members for her studio in just 30 days… from her HOUSE!?!?!

That’s dedication. No remote office while her studio was being built out, no tent in a parking lot, just raw determination.

100 Fitness Studio Members In Just 30 Days

When Loud Rumor CEO Mike Arce issued a challenge in the Loud Rumor Member’s Only Group to see who could get to 100 new members first, Sonal rose to the challenge.

What’s crazy about this is that Sonal was only in her first month of presale. Her SPENGA Sugarland studio was nothing more than an empty slot. That didn’t stop her…

“I would make and take calls at all times of the day. When a prospect was available, that’s when I was available too, no matter what.”

Sonal spoke to everyone and everyone. She’d book calls and take calls right from her own home. “If I was at a soccer meet or out to dinner, I stepped away to take calls from prospects,” she says, “I would make and take calls at all times of the day. When a prospect was available, that’s when I was available too, no matter what.”

Her drive and personality is unmatched, but how did she learn how to do all of this? Where did she learn to book presale membership calls and close sales?

No Excuses. Learn, Apply, and GROW Your Fitness Studio

SPENGA Sugarland Owner Sonal Kulkarni took a deep dive into Loud Rumor Virtual Training every single day to learn everything she needed to close more memberships and make her presale a huge success.

“When it was just me, I was in there and then each new team member I added I’d have them do the courses as well,” Sonal says.

This is something we see with the top 5% of fitness studio owners we work with – they’re always hungry to learn, apply what they learn, and are continuously growing personally and professionally. Sonal did that, and it’s paid off!

Want More Fitness Studio Members? Focus On How They’ll Feel.

One of the key factors to Sonal’s presale success is understanding how her SPENGA Sugarland fitness studio would make prospects feel if they became members.

After going through an ailment herself, she understood the importance of fitness, health, and wellness. It’s what drove her to open up her own studio in the first place. SO…

What was her greatest sales technique? It’s what she would’ve wanted to be told when she was struggling: “Just come in and workout for free.” She would give away a week’s worth and sometimes a month’s worth of workouts because she knew, once people came in, met her staff and joined their community, those prospects would be hooked.

It’s a great answer to rejection and sales objections:

Them: “It’s too expensive.”
Sonal: “I totally understand. Just come in and check us out for free.”

Them: “I don’t have time.”
Sonal: “I totally understand that. Our workout is pretty quick if you want to come in and check it out for free.”

She addresses their concerns with empathy and offers to bring them in for free. It’s incredibly effective. And, the biggest key, she’s not upset, fearful, or hurt by rejection. She just moves on to the next prospect, LRVT course, and recruitment efforts.

Ready to take YOUR fitness studio to the next level? Watch this incredible episode with SPENGA Sugarland Owner Sonal Kulkarni and be sure to check out the training that helped her hit 100 members in just 30 days HERE: www.whatislrvt.com

What You’ll Learn

  • How she closed 100 PRESALE Members in just 30 days
  • The power of educational platforms like LRVT and applying what you learn to grow your studio
  • How to develop a never-be-denied mindset, eliminate excuses, and squash objections.

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